Get Involved in your Community

Many of us connect with our neighbours when we start gardening in the spring. This is the perfect time to talk about pollinator health and the importance of having a pollinator-friendly garden. By collaborating with neighbours on this important topic, you are becoming a pollinator advocate. Here are some of the ways you can support pollinators in your community:

1. Tell your public representatives that pollinator health is important

manitoba legislative buidling

Stay up to date on community issues

Stay up to date on pollinator friendly issues facing your community and provide this information to public representatives to advance pollinator protection in public policy.

"Show-off" community gardens to local representatives

Invite local representatives to visit your community to show off community gardens and discuss the importance of pollinator health.

Ask for more pollinator-friendly spaces!

Ask for pollinator-friendly public spaces in parks, community centres, schools, boulevards etc.

2. Ask for pollinator friendly plants in your local garden centres

native species native plants

Look for plants that have not been treated with pesticides
  • When shopping for plants, ask your garden centres whether their plants have ever been treated with pesticides that are harmful to pollinators. Let your garden centres know that you would like to buy plants that have not been treated with neonicotinoids (neonics). Encourage your neighbours to do the same.

3. Mobilize your street or neighbourhood to be pollinator friendly

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Host a pollinator-friendly party!
  • Show off your pollinator friendly gardens by inviting your neighbours into your backyard. Provide pollinator-friendly information and resources so others in your community can follow suit.
Create a pollinator-friendly community
  • Create a group of like-minded individuals who would like to beautify the community in a pollinator-friendly way.¬†Collaborate with local gardening and pollinator-friendly groups and obtain support from your public representatives to initiate projects.